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Labour Tribunals

In accordance with section 74 of the Labour Law (2011 Revision), the Governor–in-Cabinet has appointed the following persons to the Labour Tribunals to serve for a period of 2 years from 1 August 2013 until 31 July 2015:

  Name Role
Tribunal ILorna Dilbert-HampsonChairman
Phillip D. EbanksDeputy Chairman
Tribunal IISamuel BanksChairman
Jenodell MylesDeputy Chairman
Tribunal IIIRobert Henry JonesChairman
Ludivene DilbertDeputy Chairman
Tribunal IVKimbert SolomonChairman
Martha RankineDeputy Chairman
Tribunal VChanda GliddenChairman
James KennedyDeputy Chairman
Tribunal VIShaun CockleChairman
Halcy LoftersDeputy Chairman
MembersEdward SolomonMember
Angelita McLeanMember
Eddie ThompsonMember
Chet EbanksMember
Noel WebbMember
James WhittakerMember
Isatou SeyMember
Keisha JamesMember
Marie ReinkeMember
Kent McTaggartMember
Peter SchmidMember
Anna Pereira JohnsonMember
William P. EbanksMember
Clarence BothwellMember
Felicia DeslandesMember
Deena RiversMember
Dana BrandonMember
Sheena SigsworthMember
Laura YoungMember


Dated this 31 day of July 2013

Acting Clerk of the Cabinet