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The Information & Communications Technology Authority Board

The Information and Communication Technology Authority Law (2011 Revision)

In accordance with Section 4 and 5 of the ICTA Law, the Governor has appointed the following person to the Board of Directors for a period of three (3) years to coincide with the Board appointed on 19 August 2013:

Name Role
Mr. Dale CrightonChairperson
Mr. John ThompsonMember
Mr. Ian TibbettsMember
Mr. Gene BanksMember
Mr. Daniel EbanksMember
Ms. Jean GordonMember
Mr. Chris GourzongMember
Chief Officer, PLAHI or DesignateMember
Mr. Paul Tibbetts
Made in Cabinet this 17 day of September 2013
Managing DirectorEx-Officio/Secretary


Made in Cabinet this 19 day of August 2013

(Acting) Clerk of the Cabinet