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e-Business Advisory Board

Section 39(1) and (4) of the Electronic Transactions Law 2000

Name Role
Ms. Andrea Bryan MBE 
Mr. David Archbold 
Mr. Wil Pineau 
Mr. Ian Tibbetts 
Mr. James Knapp 
Mr. Ellio Solomon 
Mr. Kenny Ryan (District Commissioner) 
Ms. Deborah Davidson 
Mr. Paul Byles 
Dr. Chris Rose 

The following are non-voting advisors to the Board:

Name Role
Mr. Burns Conolly 
Mr. Bryan Hunter 
Mr. Jeremy Hurst 
Mr. Michael Kiron 
Mr. Raul Nicholson 
Mr. Olivaire Watler 
Mrs. Celia Yates 
Legislative Counsel (appointed by Hon. Attorney General) 
Representative from the Bankers' Association 

Updated 12th February 2001