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A-Z of Public Bodies

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Name Telephone
Adoption Board(345) 949-0290
Advisory Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy
Agricultural Development Committee
Airports Authority(345) 943-7070
Airports Authority Board
Air Transport Licensing Authority(345) 949-7811
Animal Welfare Advisory Committee
Anti-Money Laundering Steering Group
Anti-Corruption Commission(345) 244-3685
Aquaculture Development Committee(345) 949-3894
Assessment Committee (Roads)(345) 244-2412
Beautification Committees(345) 949-3885
Business Staffing Plan Board(345) 244-2071
CAYS Foundation (345) 946-2446
CAYS Foundation Board of Directors (345) 946-2446
CINICO(3450 949-8101
CINICO Ltd Board of Directors
Cadet Corps Commissioned Officers
Caribbean Examinations Council National Committee(345) 244-2417
Cayman Against Substance Abuse(345) 949-0645
Cayman Airways(345) 949-8200
Cayman Airways Board Of Directors(345) 949-8200
Cayman Islands Development Bank(345) 949-7511
Cayman Islands Development Bank Board(345) 949-7511
Cayman Islands Film Commission(345) 945-0943
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority(345) 949-7089
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Board of Directors(345) 949-7089
Cayman National Cultural Foundation(345) 949-5477
Cayman National Cultural Foundation Board
Boatswain Beach (Cayman Turtle Farm) (345) 949-3893
Cayman Turtle Farm Ltd. Board of Directors(345) 949-3894
Caymanian Status & Permanent Residency Board(345) 244-2065
Central Planning Authority(345) 244-3482
Central Tenders Committee
Civic Centre Management Committee, Aston Rutty Centre, Cayman Brac
Cinematographic Authority(345) 244-2318
Civil Aviation Authority(345) 949-7811
Civil Service Appeals Commission
Civil Aviation Authority Board(345) 949-7811
Commission for Standards in Public Life(345) 244-3685
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) of the Legislative Assembly
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Executive Committee of the Legislative Assembly
Community Development Action Committees (CODACS)
Company Sector Consultative Committee
Constitutional Commission(345) 244-3685
Council for Professions Allied with Medicine
Dangerous Substance Handling & Storage Board
Department of Vehicle & Equipment Services Board
Development Control Board(345) 948-2652
Development Plan Tribunal
E-Business Advisory Board(345) 244-2318
Education & Training Board
Education Appeals Tribunal
Education Board Cayman Brac & Little Cayman(345) 948-0356
Education Council(345) 945-3114
Electoral Boundary Commission
Electrical Board of Examiners(345) 244-3482
Electricity Regulatory Authority(345) 949 8372
Electricity Regulatory Authority Board(345) 949 8372
Financial Reporting Authority(345) 945-6267
Financial Services Committee(345) 244-2468
Grand Court Rules Committee
Growth Management / Investment Advisory Board
Health Appeals Tribunal
Health Councils
Health Insurance Commission
Health Practice Commission(345) 244-2814
Health Services Authority(345) 949-8600
Health Services Authority Board Of Directors
Hospital Complaints Committee
Hotels Licensing Board(345) 949-0623
Human Rights Commission(345) 244-3685
Immigration Appeals Tribunal(345) 244-2258
Immigration Board Cayman Brac & Little Cayman(345) 948-2222
Information & Communications Technology Authority(345) 946-4282
Information & Communications Technology Authority Board(345) 946-4282
Investors in People Steering Committee
Judicial and Legal Services Commission(345) 244-3685
Labour Appeals Tribunal(345) 949-0941
Labour Tribunals(345) 949-0941
Labour Tribunal of Cayman Brac & Little Cayman
Land Surveyors Board(345) 244-3430
Law School(345) 945-0077
Legal Advisory Council
Legislative Assembly Committees
Library Committee of Management
Liquor Licensing Board (Grand Cayman)
Liquor Licensing Board of Cayman Brac & Little Cayman
Marine Conservation Board
Maritime (Shipping) Sector Consultative Committee(345) 949-8831
Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands Board of Directors(345) 949-8831
Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI)(345) 949-8831
Medical & Dental Council
Miss Cayman Islands Committee(345) 949-7900
Museum Board of Control(345) 949-8369
Museum Law - Trustees(345) 949-8368
National Council of Voluntary Organisations(345) 949-2124
National Drug Council(345) 949-9000
National Gallery(345) 945-8111
National Gallery & Art Institute Board
National Gallery Management Board(345) 945-8111
National Gallery Trustees(345) 945-8111
National Housing Development Trust(345) 945-7649
National Housing Development Trust Board of Directors
National Hurricane Committee(345) 244-2211
National Museum(345) 949-8368
National Museum Board(345) 949-8368
National Pensions Board
National Roads Authority(345) 946-7780
National Roads Authority Board
National Trust(345) 949-0121
National Trust Council (Appointment of Certain Members)
National Security Council
National Youth Commission(345) 946-6151
Nursing & Midwifery Council
Parole Commissioners Board(345) 244-2441
Pedro St. James National Historic Site(345) 947-3329
Pharmacy Council(345) 244-2318
Pirates Week Festival Committee(345) 949-5859
Planning Appeals Tribunal(345) 244-2412
Planning Appeals Tribunal (Sister Islands)(345) 948-2652
Plumbers Examination Board(345) 949-6352
Port Authority(345) 949-2228
Port Authority Board(345) 949-2228
Price Gouging Control Commission
Prison Inspection Board
Private Finance Initiative Advisory Board
Private Sector Consultative Committee(345) 244-2417
Public Library Management Committee(345) 949-5159
Public Sector Investment Committee
Public Service Pensions Board(345) 945-8175
Public Service Pensions Board Trustees
Public Transport Board(345) 945-8344
Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park(345) 947-9462
Receiver of Wrecks for the Cayman Islands
Shipping Sector Consultative Committee
Sister Islands Affordable Housing Development Corporation Board
Special Land Disputes Tribunal
Stamp Advisory Committee(345) 244-2412
Stamps Survey Board
Stock Exchange Authority(345) 945-6060
Street Naming & Property Numbering Committee(345) 244-3430
T E McField Youth & Community Centre Management Committee
Tax Information Authority(345) 244-2215
Tertiary Education Council
Tourism Advisory Council(345) 949-7900
Tourism Attraction Board(345) 949-6999
Trade & Business Licensing Board(345) 945-0943
University College(345) 949-9580
University College Board of Governors
Utilities Advisory Committee
Veterinary Board(345) 947-3090
Water Authority(345) 949-6352
Water Authority Board(345) 949-6352
Work Permit Board(345) 244-2070

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