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Information Guides

  • Getting Married

    Couples wishing to marry during a vacation or a cruise ship stop may apply for a special licence.

  • Entry Requirements

    All visitors should land in the Islands with a return ticket and enough money to finance their stay.

  • Cayman Status

    Among the provisions are new requirements for persons wishing to visit, reside, work, conduct business or study in the Cayman Islands. The law also defines who is a Caymanian as of right, and introduces powers, procedures and mechanisms to improve efficiency in administering the system.

  • Permanent Residency

    The Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board will deal with applications from persons resident for at least eight years and those married to Caymanians.

  • Work Permits

    The Work Permit Board and the Business Staffing Plan Board, to deal with work permit applications.